Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving - Native American Style

So Thanksgiving this year involved not only Suanne's amazing Nonna's stuffing, but a lot of family at our house all weekend which was great and reminded me of past years where we would all meet up in NH at the Holt's or when Dad would have lots of people come to Ridgefield. I miss those big family gatherings and it really drove home all that we have to be thankful for.

To wrap up the weekend though I ran in the Bedford Turkey Trot 5K with Justin and Kevin. It's an annual race that gets about 300-400 runners and involves a steep climb up "Indian Hill". A few days before the race we decided to run it in costume. We hemmed and hawed and discussed several options (3 Stooges?, Pilgrims? Pumpkins?) before I just went online and bought 3 Indian suits.

We were the ONLY runners in costume which made it quite funny and the crowd loved it. It was cold too - just 20 degrees so having the added attire was a blessing. We made it onto the race website and even got interviewed by the local paper with the following quote:

"With the cold weather, it's an advantage," Laqueur said of the long-sleeved ensembles. "Pilgrims (costumes) would be harder with the big hats and buckle shoes."

Already thinking about what we wear next year...

Here are two shots of Kevin and I crossing the finish line:

For more pics of the race go here.


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