Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stuffing della Nonna

(Cue "Thus Spake Zarathustra").
Behold the stuffing, the one, the only, the sole variety that is tolerated at the holiday table of my maternal line...

This is Nonna's stuffing, made with sausage, spinach and parmesan cheese. And let me just show you what the kitchen looks like after making it:

I think I used every pot in the house. Note the zillion-gallon Creuset dutch oven. Mine barely fits in the cabinets and it would cripple you for life if it ever dropped on your foot, but it gets the job done, because the only way to mix this stuffing is to get in with both hands.

It is safe in the freezer, waiting for Thanksgiving Day. And, AND it was made with spinach from my garden. Thank you. Grazie.

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