Monday, November 12, 2007

Babysitting le Pig

Our neighbors went away for the weekend and entrusted the care and feeding of their guinea pig, Munchkin, to Julie. He peed and pooped on the couch within hours of his arrival, but all in all a successful visit and good dress rehearsal for any potential pets Chez LQR.

Munchkin. Y'know, if you're gonna name a pet, then give it a name, a real name. Case in point: when my brother brought home that bichon frise in 1991. I wanted to name him Barney. He was such a BARNEY!! But he was named Cotton because once long ago our cousins had a white poodle named Cotton. Cotton. OK, I won't speak ill of the dead, he was a dear sweet neurotic thing....but he should have been Barney.

I waver back and forth about getting a dog. They're lovely....but face it, it's another child. And the added responsibility of getting back home to them when you go out, and boarding them when you go on vacation, and they don't have health insurance....

Anyway, naming a pet would be fun. Ségolène. Politics aside - Ségolène Royal, wow, come on, that’s a beautiful name! If I got a female dog, I would name her Ségolène. If it were male, I would name him Sarkozy. Ha ha! No, really, I would name him David. AJ was always our first choice, but if there’d been another boy for us it would have been David.

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