Sunday, November 11, 2007

AJ at the ER

Dear Nino and Nina,

This morning we were supposed to go to swim class. But I was running around with Julie and I was doing a “crash” on her bed. I slipped and cut my face on the edge of the bed. I cut it right under my eye and it bleeded a lot. I cried on Mommy and she put ice on it but they were worried so I had to go to the hopsital.

We waited a long time at the hopsital and the nurses were nice and gave me a video tape to watch and I listened to music on Mommy’s iPod. My face hurt. They took me to a special room to get a picture taken of my head. They were worried maybe I cracked a bone on my cheek. The machine looked like a big doughnut but had no jelly or sprinkles. I lay on a tray and the tray moved in and out and the doughnut took a picture. I had to lie very still and the machine made a lot of noise, but Mommy held my hand and I was a big brave boy. After the doughnut took the picture, the nice man let me touch all the buttons and step on the pedals. It was a very cool doughnut but it had no jelly or sprinkles.

The picture said I didn’t break any of my face. The doctor then put a special glue on my cut so I didn’t have to have a needle and thread to hold it together. My cheek is very swelled up but Daddy says I look tough. After we left the hopsital we went to the Hygraded and I got an ice cream because I am a big brave boy. I’m not allowed to crash on Julie’s bed anymore and I can’t go to swimming class for a few weeks. That is a very bad bed to break my face. When I get my big boy bed I will get the kind that doesn’t break your face.

Here are pictures so you can see how tough I look. Maybe Nino shouldn’t look because Mommy says he would cry and he always cries when his babies get hurted. But he can be a big brave boy because I am big and brave. If he doesn’t cry I will bring him a doughnut with jelly and sprinkles.

I am taking good care of the silver car.


(Even with the dirty face and shiner, isn't he beautiful?)

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