Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Party

We threw a party Sunday of Labor Day weekend, to "bookend" the party we threw on Memorial Day weekend. This one was literally put together the day before, but sometimes those are the best kind. I learned my entertainment skills from my mother. I watched how she put together parties but more importantly, I watched how she managed "potluck". I learned how to delegate so when people inevitably ask "What can I bring, can I bring something?" I say "Yes indeed, bring....X, Y or Z".

Man, we have the best yard for parties...plenty of room for kids to run amok, room to grill and serve and plenty of places to sit and talk. I love our yard. I love our neighborhood. I love the friends we've made since Julie started school. We are so blessed.

Here are our friends Tara and Anthony (or as AJ says, Anfernee).

We met them when our daughters were together in nursery school; now Julie and Mikaela have been in the same class for 1st and 2nd grades, and gone to the same summer camp. Tara and Anthony hung out with us until the wee hours, sitting around the firepit, toasting marshmallows with the kids while JP played guitar.

Kevin and Danielle came, too. They are a couple we met through Kevin and Ilyse and this was the first time they were at our house. Their son Ellis is AJ's age. Kevin ended up knowing quite a few of the same people from Carmel as Anthony so it was this great mix of old and new friends with a little six degrees of separation thrown in.

And always it's great to see Jen and Matt. Jen's only 20 minutes away but I still don't see her as much as I'd like. Here's Amelia, their little lady...

Tom came late but brought his guitar and he and JP jammed a little. Tom is also someone we met through Kevin and Ilyse. He is an absolutely brilllllllliant guitarist. When he and JP get going, it's just so cool....

We were having such a great time that not many pictures got taken....

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