Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day on Peach Lake

Labor Day we headed over to Peach Lake and spent the day with the McGuinnesses. They are another family we met through nursery school and have known since. Julie and Molly were in 1st grade together and at the same day camp.

Pat and Claudia are some of the dearest people on earth. Pat's a former actor and possibly one of the greatest storytellers I know. He also plays guitar so there's always jamming when he and JP get together. I love Claudia because she's so down-to-earth. Every year they throw this wonderful St. Patrick's Day party which is one of the highlights of late winter.

We took their pontoon boat out on the lake, towing the jet ski along. It was a picture perfect day and the lake was alive with sailing and skiing and canoeing. Pat had the tunes cranking. AJ got to steer which made him happy as he loves anything with a steering wheel and a gearshift, whether it runs on land, sea or air....

Both kids went out on the jet ski and had a blast

We had a nice lazy afternoon and stayed through dinner. It was a nice end to Labor Day weekend and to the summer. God bless all in this house.

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