Friday, September 26, 2008


I've got to write some of these down, they are just too funny....

Scene - driving to daycare
AJ: Hey, look at the car over there, Mom
Sue: Oh...yeah, that's a blue car
AJ (with disgust): No, it's a Honda...

Scene - breakfast, talking about Lindsey coming to sleep over and there will be pizza and root beer floats
AJ: Oh yeah, root beer, I love root beer, you don't love root beer, Dad, do you, no, you don't because it has too much sugar, right, but I love root beer, I love root beer more than I love chocolate malted milkshakes that Nino makes...
(Sometimes he has these stream of consciousness monologues)

Scene - driving to daycare, I have forgotten to bring my Ipod so he is bereft of his Backyardigan songs
AJ: But I WANT them
Sue: I'm sorry, honey, I don't have my Ipod
AJ: I WANT THEM (clenching fists, kicking the back of my seat)
Sue: I know you want them but I'm sorry, I don't have them
AJ: Sorry is for bad things!
Sue: What?
AJ: I'm sorry is for bad things like punching people! When I ask for music you say YES!

Scene - long time ago, dinner table, among other things we are having mixed veg and biscuits for dinner. AJ is listing and demonstrating all his good behavior skills
AJ: ...and then I sit at the table. And then I eat my vegetables (eats spoonful of veg). And then I eat my...(has biscuit in his hand but clearly does not know what it is called)...I eat my crunch.

Since then, from time to time, you'll hear one of us sing-songing "...And then I eat my VEG-tables....and then I eat my CRUNCH...."

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