Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Julie Goes Barnstorming!!!

So this past weekend we were in Maine for the wedding of our cousin Angela. On the way back we stopped in Gorham NH where our cousins Denise and her husband Danny own a hanger on a grass airstrip. They recently bought a Cessna 150, circa 1960, modified with a special short take off and landing (STOL) package to make it easier to fly in and out of remote airstrips.

Upon arriving Danny had the plane out and the hanger doors thrown open. And he had a circa 1920's Victrola playing old songs. With the blue sky, old music and grass strip it was like being transported back to the barnstorming era. All I could think about was how Dad would have LOVED this!

After her cousin Miranda went up for a ride with Danny, Julie decided she wanted to give it a try as well and off she went. They taxied down the strip turned around and revved up the engine Danny banked the plane on takeoff and buzzed right over our heads.

I often imagine Dad reincarnated as an eagle or hawk and after she took off there was this beautiful hawk soaring back and forth behind her in my viewfinder. I'm guessing that was Dad keeping an eye out for her. Pretty cool...

After they landed Julie climbed out and had just one thing to say when I asked her how it was - "Sweet!!!"

I went up for a ride too and Danny let me take the controls for some turns around the pattern. The feel of flying a small aircraft came right back and I was grinning ear to ear, again thinking about Dad. It was a fabulous and unexpected end to a great weekend.

Thanks Danny!!!


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