Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Come on Down to Bob's....and PUNCH HIM OUT!

OK, Bob's Discount Furniture sucks. We ordered bunkbeds, a desk and a dresser for AJ. Big boy now, big boy gets bunk beds, big boy very excited about bunk beds.

I get a call last week: the bunkbeds and desk are in but the dresser is still back-ordered. Do we want delivery of the available pieces. Yes, I say. How about Tuesday February 12, she says. Perfect, I say. You will get a call the night before with your delivery window, she says. Thank you very much, says I.

Last night we dismantle AJ's room and wait for the call.....no call....no call....Every time the phone rings we yell "It's Bob!!" But it's not Bob.

This morning, we call. What the f?! (We used more polite language). Oh...guess what! The BEDS are in, but the MATTRESSES aren't. They can't deliver the beds without the mattresses, and oh, yeah, guess what!? The mattresses are on backorder until the END OF THE MONTH.

That would be THE END OF THE MONTH WHEN WE LEAVE FOR FLORIDA. So mark my words, AJ will be getting his bunk beds on St. Patrick's Day. You read it here first.

Why? WHY WHY WHY? Why the sheer incompetence of people?! Why is nothing easy?

Now I have to explain this to AJ.....great.

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The Laqueurs said...

I guess we should have Googled these guys before buying. Appearantly this happens all the time with them. Just one of many I saw: http://www.pissedconsumer.com/index.php/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=113582&Itemid=72&mosmsg=Comment+saved+to+content+item%21+If+the+comment+is+not+related+to+the+topic%2C+it+will+be+deleted.