Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Butlerville Midwinter Ball

We had a party Saturday night. It's our annual "adults only" shindig which this year we christened the Butlerville Midwinter Ball (casual ball, more like a kegger). And we had such a good time that we have only these few pictures. So let me leave you with the visual of 40 people in my living room with an open bar and potluck appetizers.

Behold the High Altar.

Mom always likes to know the food details so here we go: I made a big pot of my butternut squash soup and set that out along with a couple dozen spanikopita triangles. I made dal, or tried to make dal, to serve with pita chips....the lentils cooked faster than I expected so instead of that whole-lentil texture it was closer to thick lentil soup on chips. But it tasted pretty damn good. And of course, I rolled cream cheese up in genoa salami. This is the first hors d'oeuvre I ever learned to make.

Fran brought this gooey yummy three-layer Mexican dip that was out of this world. Joe and Ally brought buffalo wings (brilliant!). Claudia made pesto pinwheels. Corrine made brie with brown sugar and basil which my brother ate half of. And Tara brought an amazing raspberry mousse cake.

There were a mix of old friends and new. It's so cool to look around and see all the clusters of conversation. I love where I live. I love the school district. I love my neighborhood. I love my friends. And I love my hubby because, among many other things, we know how to throw a great damn party together!

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Mieke said...

That looks like so much fun. I have to confess- in a strange, yet not unsurprising way it made me a bit sad. Life.