Monday, July 30, 2007

The Training Wheels Are Off!

About a week ago I took Julie's training wheels off her bike after she asked me too. She'd been ready for some time. Her first attempt was at rolling down the hill in our yard on two wheels. We then took her to the ball field down the street where she was able to pedal in a straight line for 50-100 yards but not turn.

Then today it all clicked! Withing 5 minutes she was rolling around the infield, turning left and right, doing figure eights and just grinning from ear-to-ear. It was such a beautiful sight to see and I knew my Dad was somewhere watching and smiling too.

There is something about that sense of freedom that comes with finally finding your balance and riding on two wheels. Almost like floating or flying just above the ground. Free to go anywhere. And it was such a joy to watch her absorb it all in with such satisfaction.

At dinner, I asked her how she felt about it. Did she feel a sense of feedom and control. And she answered, "'s like driving your own car!"


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