Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Fun

Well its easter now and Janine and her twins Emma and Ellie came upo for a visit. We had our annual easter Egg hunt which was very well attended and the kids descended on the yard like locusts devouring every plastic egg and bit of candy in the yard in about 5 mins flat. It was cold - in teh 40's- but the sun stayed out and it was far better than the sleet we had last year. I've posted pictures here:

Later in the afternoon Aunt Donna came by for dinner. Janine baked up two big lasagna's and we stuffed ourselves. It was the first time we had all been together since Grandma passed away a week ago. Mom and Donna both seem to be grieving well, but gramps is a mess.

Julie and I went down to see him earlier in the week and he just seemed so lost, so sad. How do you say goodbye to someone after 70 years. It's incredible. I pause to think about it and I can barely imagine how lonely he must be. Part of me wants to move him up here closer to the family so someone can visit him every day. But he knows people at Applewood and they take graet care of him and I'm afraid the move might be worse. So difficult.

Anyway, it was another great party and wonderful to see all our friends and now I'll start thinking about a Memorial Day bash!

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