Monday, August 18, 2008

Kidde Kamping

So this was our big Daddy and Kids camping weekend. 6 fathers, 11 kids,
6 cars, 3 campsites, 5 tents, 5 coolers (6 with beer) and countless marshmallows. Yeah, that's how we roll...

We spent Friday and Sat night at the Copake Falls campground on the MA/NY border near Bash Bish falls,. GREAT campground with clean facilities, awesome swimming hole, bike trails, hikes to the Bash Bish falls, a cool Nature Center, relatively quiet sites and plenty of room for the kids to run.

And run they did. In the tents, around the tents, through the tents. I think I actually relaxed for a total of 30 mins when they all sat down to watch a DVD (yes, we brought one for just such a reason).

Still it was a great weekend and I'll definetely be back there again soon. For a full set of pics go here.

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