Thursday, March 20, 2008

AJ's New Room

Bob finally came on down and the Beautiful Big Boy Bunk Bed is here! The look on his face when he came home from school and walked into his room. "Ohhhhhh Moooooommmeeee!"

He's had it all planned out for weeks. When the bed came, he wanted to read books with dad and eat sliced apples. The apples were very important.

Not having slept in one, I'd forgotten the coziness of a bunkbed. I hung a blanket down from the top so he and Julie could have a little cave. She slept over with him the first night which was sweet. It's a surprisingly comfy bed and I'm pleased as punch that between Kmart and the clearance aisle of Homegoods I was able to outfit both bunks, with extra sheets, for under $100.

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