Monday, July 2, 2007

Montauk - The End

It seems the summer has barely started and yet we've already we've been to The End - Montauk NY that is - the end of Long Island, a drinking town with a fishing problem....

My best friend Chris and his family built a new house there and we decided to spend the last weekend of June there. It was beautiful. The weather was puuuurfect and the house was awesome and the food was to die for. We stayed up late each evening drinking wine, playing guitar, even built a bonfire on the beach. Best of all the kids, especially Julie and Grace, got along like cousins and when it was time to leave they cried!

Chris and I don't get to see each other nearly enough, but when we do it's always the same old easy good times which is why he's my best bud. Cheers brother! Let's do it again soon!

I've posted a bunch of pics here.


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