Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eat your Veggies!!!

Those are 'Danvers', 'Yellowstone', 'Atomic Red' and 'Cosmic Purple' carrots, baby! Aren't they gorgeous? I figured planting all those different-colored kinds would tempt the kids and they ate them both raw and steamed.

We're rolling in the green beans, too. I grow bush, pole, filet, yellow, rubico....I sow them direct and they never fail me. They are by far my favorite crop to grow. I was talking with my friend Fran the other day, and she said as a child, her first gardening job was going out with a colander to gather string beans. I remember doing the same in my mother's garden, out there with her yellow colander, scrabbling in the leaves to get at the pods. One for for the for for the pot.

And full circle, I was gathering beans for dinner last nigth with AJ, and watched his little fingers snapping off the tiny matchstick pods and gobbling them down....

Oh, one more picture, why not? Eat your veggies!