Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rockin' Out, First Grade Style...

Last year I wrote a song for Julie's Kindergarten class called (creatively) - "The Kindergarten Song". They all sang along and loved it and one kid asked if I was a "rock star", to which I replied, "Of course!"

This year though, I knew I would have my work cut out for me. These first graders are a much tougher crowd: seasoned audiophiles, bombarded by an overcrowded kids music industry, and demanding something catchy and original.

So I went in today and gave it my best shot. Played a modified cover of Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" to warm up. Then softened the crowd up a bit with a bluesy, nostalgic rendition of "The Kindergarten Song". And then I rocked their little 6 year-old brains with my new single "First Grade, First Grade" (click to download MP3).

Special thanks to George Holt for the re-mixing and drum-work!

I think I can pull this off once a year until she's in at least 8th grade - at which point it will be too embarrassing for her to endure. But by then I'll have an EP's worth of original music and then I can go on tour! ;-)


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